Assemble your TEAM

Assemble your TEAM

It’s important to realize that one mortgage transaction can require a lot of support personnel. Of course you have the Loan Officer, maybe with an assistant, to start and oversee the whole process, the operations team to get the file processed, underwritten and funded plus all the support personnel to keep the office and computers running.

Of course, none of these teams can function without the “right people on the bus.” For this post, I want to spotlight our marketing team. In the past few years, this team has grown quickly, but without sacrificing quality. In fact, each member of the team has a unique skillset to leverage and a capable hand with the tools required for the job. We have grown across the board in marketing initiatives: we create more deliverable pieces than ever before, we participate and host more events and classes in the area and we drive efficiency by using a centralized platform and exceptional leadership.

I’m so proud of this team and what they offer our Loan Officers and Branch Managers.

This team has produces some truly great work and passed some significant milestones lately. In the past year, these hard-working individuals have completed over 4,000 unique marketing projects. This includes 600+ flyers, 300 videos, 200 training sessions for our CRM tools and more! In addition, they’ve engaged Realtors through 900+ Agent Launch Meetings, a tailored 1 hour marketing conference we offer for Realtors who want to grow their business. On top of these marketing features, they have packaged and shipped almost 8,000 orders of closing gifts, saving Loan Officers time, money and office space… and we’re just getting started! Our central marketing hub went live last April, so we have only just begun.

If your company isn’t offering you customized marketing support, talk to me about how you can utilize this A+ team to grow your business.

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